Still renovating!

renovating renovations store new under contruction

Hi there! I think one thing I have learned while working on this station renovation is that it is far better to hire someone to paint than to try and do it yourself!  Ever the penny pincher, I started out trying to paint the interior of the station myself.  What a nightmare!  The walls are made of cement bricks and every brick needed to be outlined to ensure we painted all the grout and grooves.  I didn’t feel as if my rollers could soak up enough paint to get into all the little pits in the cement.  After trying to tackle this project, multiple Saturdays might I add, my mother was able to find a handyman to come to the rescue.  Armed with a paint sprayer and some new paint, he was able to tackle everything we needed painted, and repainted for that matter, in one glorious day!  All hail the handyman! We are so happy to have found him!  We still have the ceiling and floors to tackle before we start moving goodies in but at least with our newest team member we will be able to get it done in no time!

It's a work in progress but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!


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