Summer is almost coming to an end! :(

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With the start of school looming on the horizon, we are all reminded that summer is almost coming to an end!  Are you ready to get back at it again?

We certainly are!  The heat of summer caused us to postpone some renovations as well as the crazy rain we had!  Don’t get us wrong, we are thankful for the rain but it can cause a few hiccups in your plans, especially when you find leaks you didn’t know you even had!

All of that should be fixed fairly soon and we should be back on the road to completion! Yay!

With summer coming to an end and future planning in mind, have started counting down to the holidays yet?  Take in mind our official last holiday of summer is just around the corner – what labor plans do you have?  Not only do you want to make sure you send summer off with a bang but it will be Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas before you know it!  I’ve already started making a list of what cleaning has to be done before quests arrive!  We are welcoming a very special guest this Christmas and everything has to be just perfect (that’s the inner compulsive clean-freak screaming).

If you plan on any DIY Holiday projects, now would be the time to get started!  Let us know what you are thinking of creating this Fall season!

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